Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support Guidance

vasectomy and prostate cancerThis aftercare support is for guidance only. If you feel your question is not sufficiently answered or you would like to discuss an issue in person with me, please feel free to call us at any time.

In very urgent cases please call 111 for non-life threatening questions or 999 in medical emergencies. Otherwise read this whole page, as it answers a lot of questions.

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Our Telephone is manned as follows: Mon & Tue: 9am – 5pm. Wed – Fri 9pm – 3pm, Thu and Fri 9am – 5pm. If you cannot get an answer immediately, please leave a message. We will usually call you back within 1 working day. In clinically urgent cases a doctor will call you back Monday – Sunday 8am-8pm within 4 hours. In case of any more urgent medical problem call 111 and in medical emergencies call 999.

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I really have to rest for 2 days, not exercise or do any heavy work for a week, rest my manual job for a week, not have sex for a week and be careful so my children will not to jump onto my scrotum for a while? All this advice seems a little excessive…
A: This advice is empirical. That means it has been assembled due to my and other surgeons experience. You may heal quicker and not need a recovery period of this length, but equally you may also heal slower and need even more time. Please be a patient patient. Dont rush and then regret.

Q: My plaster has come off early and there is a small opening visible.
A: This is not a problem, provided there is no other but clear discharge. The wound will heal from the back, although the process can sometimes take weeks. If you can see pink or white tissue on the bottom of the small opening this is usually a sign the wound will now soon be healed. Until then it is wise to keep the wound covered with a dry dressing and not to soak in (dirty) bath or pool water. Use the additional dressing provided in your aftercare pack if required. Should there be any pus like or turbid discharge or the wound appear increasingly red, please give us a ring or see your GP.

Q: Since I had my vasectomy there is some blood in my semen when I ejaculate.
A: This is quite ok, dont worry, it will settle.

Q: 16 weeks have passed and I have not yet done 30 ejaculations. Should I send my sample off, anyway?
A: Definitely not. Please, ensure you have ejaculated at least 30 times before sending your sample.

Q: I have done ejaculations, but the 16 weeks have not passed yet, should I send my sample off, early?
A: Definitely not. Please wait until at least 16 weeks have passed before sending your sample, because vasecomy failures (spontaneous recanalisations) can occur until 16 weeks.

Q: I had no pain in the first 2 days after the procedure, but now there is some aching. Is this normal.
A: Usually quite so. Initially you rest a lot. After you resume more activities you may get more tenderness. Take some simple analgesia i.e. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen (unless you are allergic or this medication is not recommended for you, if in doubt ask your pharmacist or GP).

It is 1/2/3 weeks since my vasectomy now and I am still getting pain, is this normal?
A: It depends. Some people get no pain whatsoever, but most patients will experience some pain following a vasectomy. This pain is mostly mild and will usually disappear within a week, but about 1/3rd of patients experience discomfort for up to 3 weeks and about 1% of patients can experience (some) pain for significantly longer than 3 weeks. If you experience pain, which is improving or stagnating / improving very slowly, then it is usually fine. However, if pain worsens suddenly or severely you would be advised to call us or see your own doctor. If in doubt feel free to ring us at any time.

Q: There is some swelling above or around my testicles following the procedure, which is / is not painful.
A: Swelling above the testicles and around the tubes following a vasectomy is quite normal and well described in the literature. Swelling of the testicle iitself is possible, but less well researched. If a swelling appears to become worse or warm / red or there are swollen lymph nodes in your groin or you get a temperature with pain in a testicle following the procedure, please ring us. The signs above can sometimes be indicators for an infection. A cool swelling (normal skin temperature), that improves slowly over time should not raise too many concerns.

Q: I have got some bruising in my scrotum, which is / is not painful.
A: Mild bruising is quite normal, just like after a blood test. Should you develop a blood clot bigger than 2cm / 1 inch in diameter or even more severe bruising (which you can feel in your scrotum), please let us know.

Could an improvement or worsening of my erections / ejaculations / sex life be related to my vasectomy?
A: Only in psychosexual terms, anatomically this is impossible.

Q: Could my waterworks be affected by a vasectomy
A: Definitely not, anatomically impossible.

Q: Since my vasectomy a swelling in my scrotum has disappeared and / or there is quite a bit of watery discharge from the keyhole
A: Quite a few men have got hydroceles in the scrotum, which are fluid filled cysts. I can sometimes tell you about these when I examine you, but they are often so soft, they go unrecognised. After a procedure there is a sudden gush of fluid from the wound, which is normal. Sometimes the discharge can go on for a little while and often this problem has been cured forever.

Q: I had a vasectomy, forgot to put in my semen sample and now my wife / partner is pregnant.
A: Put in your semen sample first. A vasectomy failure (spontaneous recanalisation) can occur in about 1 in 200 vasectomies.

Q: I had a vasectomy, was confirmed sterile and now my wife / partner is pregnant.
A: Still put a semen sample. Very very rarely (and I personally never had a case) patients can have a late failure (late spontaneous recanalisation).

Q: I was confirmed sterile, my semen sample still confirms azoospermia and my wife is pregnant.
A: We have to consider alternative options of investigation. Please give me a ring.