NHS Vasectomy

NHS vasectomyWho can have a NHS vasectomy?

We are providing vasectomies for patients from all East Berkshire CCGs, Chiltern and now also Aylesbury CCG. However, West Berks has unfortunately stopped commissioning any NHS vasectomies. if in doubt, ask your GP. You do not have to live in these areas, but you have to be registered in a practice, who belongs to one of these CCGs. Thus, patients in certain adjacent areas i.e. Wraysbury and Englefield Green in Surrey may also benefit from an NHS vasectomy with us, because their practices are part of these CCGs. If in doubt, please ask your practice receptionist or practice manager.

Can I book a NHS vasectomy directly with you?

Yes, once your GP has referred you to us you can contact the service and arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

What do I need to do before I come to the clinic?

We also like you to download the patient pack, print it, read it, understand it, complete it and bring it to the clinic. Understanding its content means you are well prepared for your vasectomy

Where can I find out more information

If you look around this website almost all questions should be answered.  Familiarising yourself with this website (particularly the menu “More about NSV”, which contains the clinical FAQs, why vasectomy, why not having a vasectomy and alternatives to vasectomy means that you are comprehensively informed. If you are under 30 and want a vasectomy, please look at the “young patient” part of the website and submit the form. As not to get into trouble on the day, familiarise yourself with directions to Thames Valley Vasectomy Services.

Advantages of an NHS vasectomy with TVVS

  • It’s free
  • 18 week waiting target guaranteed, likely to be significantly quicker.
  • Same high quality method.

Advantages of a private procedure with TVVS

  • Shorter waiting time (less than 2 weeks)
  • Easier aftercare package
  • Don’t have to see your GP, just call.
  • Larger choice of appointments
  • “One-Stop” Appointment Guaranteed

“One-Stop” Appointments

We offer “One-Stop” appointments to our private patients for added convenience. However our NHS contract specifies that we consult patients before their vasectomy and give a “cooling off” period. In some cases we can offer NHS patients “One-stop” appointments too:

  • Your GP letter shows you are determined to have a vasectomy and there is no doubt in your mind. It also shows you were counselled well by your GP
  • You are responsive when communicating with us (i.e. Di) showing determination and focus to have a vasectomy. There is clearly no doubt in your mind
  • You do not repeatedly change appointments
  • You are not “too busy at work to have this vasectomy”, again this is about not being distracted, but focused.
  • You never have not attended an appointment (very frequently non-attendance has in our experience to do with a lack of motivation often due to the fact you are not quite ready yet, a risk we cannot take).
  • You have no medical or social reasons that we need to see you beforehand.

If Di, our administrator feels you qualify for a “one-stop” appointment she will offer it to you as an option and send you out a comprehensive patient pack. We would ask you to familiarise yourself comprehensively with the information given in the pack. You then need to confirm this appointment in writing. This will secure your “one-stop” appointment.