Providing Vasectomies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safe Provision of vasectomies during COVID 19 - Information about service changes.

Friendly happy nurses and team

We are taking the health of our patients and our staff very seriously. We therefore outline a number of changes to our service below to allow safe provision of vasectomy services during a period of social distancing.

Our new clinic system for maximum pandemic safety

Introduction: The new system is designed to do everything online to reduce your contact with us to a minimum. This will help you and us to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and minimise the infection risk to almost zero. If you do not have access to a smartphone or tablet or laptop or any other camera containing equipment you must let us know at the time of booking.
  1. Initially, please call 07973 663355 to book an appointment with Thames Valley Vasectomy Services for your video consultation and another one for your vasectomy.
  2. You will be sent a welcome email, an application form, a pre-consent form and a date and link for a video consultation.
  3. You complete the forms online at home as preparation for your video consultation.
  4. During the video consultation my assistant will send you 2 forms: A quiz and a consent form.
  5. Following the video consulation we will ask you to complete a short and easy quiz and the consent form immediately. The quiz will test your ability to give consent. The questions will all be covered in the video consultation and your welcome pack, application form and pre-consent form.
  6. If you do not complete the quiz or consent form it we assume you have further questions and call you back. If you fail the quiz we may have to do a mental capacity assessment and temporarily cancel your vasectomy until we have clarity.
  7. When you arrive for your vasectomy you will text us to our clinic number 07973 663311 (note, only texts arrive, calls will divert to the office not to interrupt the surgeon) and wait in your car to be collected.
  8. We will collect you, your partner will wait in the car.
  9. If at all possible you arrive wearing a face mask in order to protect you and others. This can be a fabrics or single use face mask or even a scarf or anything you are comfortable covering your nose and mouth. Bringing a face mask will save PPE for essential services. We will also wear face masks. You will be given the opportunity to wash and disinfect your hands.
  10. You need to bring a well charged smartphone or tablet to your procedure. This will be used for you to watch your aftercare instruction video while you lie down and recover from your vasectomy.
  11. We will carry out your vasectomy operation in a strict aseptic well ventilated environment.
  12. You will recover in a well ventilated recovery room and we will email your aftercare instructions video. We will then check on you keeping a distance and confirm you have understood all instructions. You will also be given and aftercare pack with semen sample kit and printed aftercare instructions.
  13. You need to be driven home and recover being very sedentary and putting your feet up.
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