Years of Vasectomy Feedback from patients on one page

Find below a very large amount of honest vasectomy feedback from patients, accumulated over a good number of years. We publish all feedback, good or bad.

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How do we compare?

We received the following email from a patient, who had previously an old style vasectomy, then had a reversal and now had a No Scalpel Vasectomy:

“Hi, just to drop you a line about the after affects of my operation compared to previous may remember I have already had a vasectomy 5 years ago , the operation itself was painful and recovery slow. but glad to say under your technique i had little bruising and swelling […] I had no after pain and could have gone to work next day. I chose yourself because of the claims you made about pain and recovery, because I own my own business i needed to be back as soon as I could, unlike my last op were I was in pain with swelling this time I was not. I would recommend yourself to anyone looking for a pain free op and one of my friends has already booked in with you, thanks again, MH.”

Find below 7 years of patient feedback. Every single feedback form is evaluated and published here. So you will also find some critical voices. Transparency is a key objective for our service and we hope you agree when comparing us with other online services.

After your vasectomy, you also will have the chance to give feedback to us via a patient satisfaction form and your opinion will be anonymously published, too. So do check back. Any feedback from you will be read, acknowledged and suggestions will be implemented where feasible.

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