About No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV)

Image of Dr Kittel, no scalpel vasectomy surgeon at Thames Valley Vasectomy ServicesIntroduction & History of No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV)

No-scalpel vasectomy is a completely different technique, which has been developed in China and promoted in the USA. Although not entirely new, only a small, but increasing amount of doctors in the UK offer this method, which is entirely different to a conventional vasectomy.

Compared to a conventional vasectomy…

In terms of outcome, No-Scalpel Vasectomy is as safe as conventional vasectomy. Extensive scientific work has shown this.

However, it is now the gold standard because the amount of side effects following a procedure is greatly reduced, a fact, which has been proven through an independent study by Sokal in 1998. This is also logical if you think of it as a keyhole approach compared with a standard approach.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy is no more expensive than a conventional vasectomy.

Every vasectomy should be “No-Scalpel”

Guidelines by the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology on male sterilisation advice exactly this and I agree. Click here, to download a summary of these guidelines