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TVVS facts at a glance

Want to know where you are going before you book?

Sr Leanne introduces The Bourne End Clinic to our prospective vasectomy patients.

Surgical team: Dr Kittel, Sr Leanne & Dr Nicholls

Positive vasectomy feedback of the year

“I have literally just arrived home after my procedure and wanted to say a massive thank you to Martin and his team. I had my first vasectomy in 2004, then a reversal 6 years later, so I’m confidently able to both comment and compare. My memories of the 2004 are an awkward environment, lots of pain, a long procedure and lots of swelling. However, today’s procedure was worlds apart. All the staff from day one have been polite, professional and friendly. Today I was put at ease and everything explained to me again.

To be honest during the procedure we all just chatted about random subjects and I barley even noticed Martin expertly working away. Before I knew it, the job was done and after getting a little info pack to take away with me I was on my way home. So, guys, if you need a vasectomy you really can’t do better than Martin and his team, ignore the historic horror stories you may have heard, this is state of the art and pain free a definite 5-star service.”

Thames Valley Vasectomy Services Ratings and Reviews

Real time ratings: Look at ratings in numbers (takes time to load!)

Annual reviews: Click here to evaluate all our Patient Vasectomy Reviews

We have 2 ways of feeding back: Ratings and reviews. We publish ratings instantly here and reviews annually here. Please note the ratings page takes a little while to load and reviews are not real time as we try to evaluate them and respond to them. Additionally you can check out our google reviews, too, which are real time. All reviews are brought to our clinical governance meetings at least annually for all staff to learn from them and implement good suggestions!

More Vasectomy Information

To find further detailed information about No Scalpel Vasectomy please browse the website thoroughly. It is noteworthy bleeding and infection account to the most common side effects of any surgery. Hence, we practice classical Li method, with special instruments.

Furthermore, we follow this method meticulously because it is the best way to reduce tissue trauma and injury to scrotal blood vessels. Finally, we reduce infection using meticulous antiseptic procedures.

On this website we particularly recommend you check the following pages:

If you want to know more about No Scalpel vasectomy clinically or to alleviate some concerns, click here

For more personal and emotional issues click here

For information on other forms of contraception (to get an idea what else may be possible): click here. You may particularly enjoy all the contraceptive options on a page, pros and cons in short.

For reasons not to have a vasectomy: click here

If you have read these 4 pages we think you are well informed about vasectomy. Additionally we will provide a pre-consent form with lots of individual questions and information and a webinar that goes over vasectomy in detail. All this together should provide an excellent preparation for vasectomy. By any means, dig deeper into this site, but the above should give you all you need.

For more specific information about our processes, watch the video below and also scroll to the bottom of the page.


Call Dr Kittels and Lim’s secretary directly on 07973 66 33 55. The clinic phone is 07973 66 33 11 (text only)

Our Telephone is manned as follows: Mon & Tue: 9am – 5pm. Wed 9pm – 3pm, Thu and Fri 9am – 5pm. Thus, if you cannot get an answer immediately, please leave a message. Furthermore, we will usually call you back within 1 working day. Over and above, in clinically urgent cases a doctor will call you back Monday – Sunday 8am-8pm within 4 hours. Importantly however, in case of any more urgent medical problem call 111 and in medical emergencies call 999.

To look at our Minor Surgery Page, click here