Philosophy of Thames Valley Vasectomy Services

Thames Valley Vasectomy Services reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy dramatically

Find below detail about the service philosophy of Thames Valley Vasectomy Services.

Our main purpose

Thames Valley Vasectomy Services is a friendly and experienced No-Scalpel Vasectomy service. Our main purpose is to be your providing our patients with the best Information, highest transparency and best No-Scalpel Vasectomy technically possible.


Our service wants to be transparent. We do not want to vasectomise patients who would regret their decision. This is why we do publish all patient feedback, positive or negative. We also speak openly about pros and cons of vasectomy, try to support your decision by explaining NSV, answering your clinical and personal FAQ’s and telling you about our clinic as well as trying to tell you why not to have a vasectomy, pointing out alternatives to vasectomy and giving you clear statistics on the pros and cons of other contraceptives including LARCs.

Experience and Training

What matters most to patients is the quality of the surgeon and the quality of information they receive. Dr Kittel has performed thousands of vasectomies and is a perfectionist. Our side effects and infection rates are very low. We hope you can see we have spent a lot of time on this website to give you the best possible information, so you can make a well supported decision.

Quality Assurance

We will continuously invest not only into staff training, but also into up-to-date equipment and meticulously clean procedures. This reduces our infection rates to one of the lowest in the UK. We guarantee our patients to use state of the art equipment and constantly review our kit for possible changes. We hold regular clinical governance meetings and discuss any issues quickly and make changes, where required, effectively.

Service and website design…

This website is our “shop window”. We hope you like reading it as much as we liked creating it. We have payed particular attention to design, content, but also to ease of use particularly when using mobile devices.

We are proud of our vasectomy service. We pay at least as much attention to its smooth running and patients comfort than to the development of this website.

For us everybody is an individual and everybody matters. Attention to detail is the key to our success and attention to our patients needs is the key to our service. Every patient gets my mobile telephone number after the surgery to access me in case there is any problem.

Fair pricing

We want to provide you with a fairly priced service, which does not save on expenditure and does create a high quality environment while being reasonably priced. Our CQC inspector told us this was the best vasectomy service he had ever come across.


Few providers allow ALL and EVERY patient to feed back. At Thames Valley Vasectomy Services every single service user is able to feed back about their experience.