Alternatives To Vasectomy

alternatives to a no scalpel vasectomy at TVVSLearn about alternatives To vasectomy

Vasectomy is by far not the only safe form of contraception. There are plenty of alternatives. Also, there have been great developments on the contraceptive market.

Modern LARCs as reversible alternatives

Patients not entirely sure about their decision should definitely look into so called “LARCs”, which stands for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives. While Vasectomy is the only safe contraceptive for the man (condoms are not safe in terms of contraception, but are one of the few options in terms of sexually transmitted illnesses), there are a number of safe contraceptives for ladies. 2 of the best ones are the Mirena Coil and the Nexplanon Implant. Interstingly female sterilisation is not considere very safe anymore, certainly less safe than the implant and probably also than the Mirena Coil. Click here for a list of contraceptive options in comparison on one A4 sheet