Clinical Enquiry

Image of Dr KittelMaking a Clinical Enquiry

Unfortunately, we can no longer provide a free clinical enquiry service. Due to CQC regulator bureaucracy and IG governance rules we have to file every single conversation with a patient in a patient record. We also need you to be able to upload your question into your record securely. To allow us to correspond via normal email with you we need your express permission. For all this we have to create a patient record for you and therefore you will be charged a modest consultation fee. For more about our fee structure, see here

You have not had a vasectomy yet and have some questions:

If you have not had a vasectomy we are strongly recommending your participation in the Webinar, which will answer a lot of your questions and may create some new ones. Also, the paperwork we send out is very comprehensive. We will give you a lot of information and individualise your case. Furthermore, you get a lot of answers for free by scrutinising the FAQ sections of this website.

For special case patients:

You may have had a single sided vasectomy and the doctor could not find the other vas. Or the doctor stopped right away telling you its too difficult. Your anxiety levels may be high and you stopped last time. Or you may have had a previous reversal, hernia surgery, an undescended testicle or even some failed vasectomy(ies).

For all these patients a consultation is now required and often an examination at a cost of our current consultation fee. Dr Kittel has a 99.9% completion rate, one of the highest in the country and will consider even difficult cases under local anaesthetic.

For Minor Surgery enquiries click here