Top Tips for Vasectomy

Feedback for our Service by patient TB on 26/4/2021

I just wanted to pass my sincere thanks to you all following my recent vasectomy on Friday 16th April. I’ve written a review below as I was struggling to submit it. Please feel free to use it if helpful.

I’m writing a little lengthy feedback to support the other positive feedback. If you read no further than this, I highly recommend Dr Kittel, and I simply don’t think that you could be in better hands.

I was quite anxious about the procedure; I’d had various bits of surgery before, but for me, electing to have something done, was a different issue.

I’d telephoned various local providers to get a feel for them, cost was much less important to me than finding someone I could trust. That said, one quote was four times the price of TVVS, with the others almost double. These providers felt very much like ‘conveyor belt’ practices and not based around the individual. I therefore searched farther afield and feel so fortunate to have located TVVS.

From my initial enquiry onwards, I was treated with tremendous professionalism balanced with empathy and a bit of humour – the perfect balance!
The whole team, are without exception, passionate and caring professionals. I booked my appt there and then, even though it was a 200 mile + round trip – they were that good!

All pre surgery administration was seamless and patient focussed, even down to recommending a nearby coffee shop for my wife to visit whilst waiting for me. Having photographs of where to park and entrances to use within the packs, all helped towards making it an easy appointment.

Due to Covid19, the initial consultation was via Zoom, which worked really well. Other patients were on the call, but you could opt for privacy, but it meant that you could hear other people’s questions. Dr Kittel, was superb. He was the epitome of professionalism. We were led through a really useful presentation, supplemented with lots of tips and ideas, and then it was opened up to a Q & A. At no time was there any sense of time constraints. We were all even offered to contact him afterwards as he would stay available on line or for a call back for any further more private questions or concerns.

On the day of the surgery, following the Covid19 guidance, I was met at the entrance by a really lovely and kind Nurse. I think it was apparent that I was a little anxious and she was fantastic. Even Dr Kittel took the time to pop out to see me and put my mind at rest, which was very kind and demonstrates their ethos.

The Surgery was quite honestly a complete non event! At no time did I feel any pain or discomfort in any way. If you have any concerns of pain, dismiss them completely now! The only description that I could use was that it felt a little unusual once or twice – genuinely that was it. On the 1-10 scale, I didn’t even get to a 0.5! Nothing at all. As others have said, it was over before I knew it. All I had to show for my extreme bravery was a small medical type plaster!

The pre surgery advice of having an ice pack in my car for the journey home, and having taken Ibuprofen and paracetamol beforehand, meant a completely painless journey home.

At no time after the surgery have I felt any pain or discomfort. I strictly followed the advice to rest, to ice regularly, and take Ibuprofen (whether I needed this for the two days who knows, but I didn’t want to take the risk!).

Now exactly 10 days after my surgery I’m completely healed and back to normal! The incision, for what it’s worth, as it’s so small, has completely healed. I was gently walking days after the ‘imposed’ rest, building it up to going back to the gym and 5k runs. Just listen to the TVVS advice and your own body, but remember they are available for you at anytime for any ongoing support.

Finally, my top tips;
Ice is your friend! Have lots available and use regularly. I purchased American Style Sports Ice bags (plastic lined, with cloth exterior – less than £10 Amazon) as they mould perfectly where you need them. The cloth exterior prevents any ice burns!

Stock up on the Ibuprofen and paracetamol, and take your first dose 2hrs before the surgery, then per instructions. In hindsight, I don’t actually think I would have needed them, but why run the risk?

Do absolutely nothing for the first two days after the day of the op – complete rest. As the procedure was completely painless, as was my recovery, I can see the temptation to ‘get on with it’ as you’ll feel fine.

As above, ease back into things gently. I felt great, which was down to Dr Kittel, but I no doubt could have messed up my recovery.

Ignore any and all ‘warning tales’ and stories from scaremongers. It’s nonsense.

Finally and most importantly of all. Ensure that your wife / partner / significant other, is regularly reminded of what you’ve been through! Clearly,
telling the truth, in this instance that it was a complete non event and painless, is to be avoided at all costs. In order to ensure maximum attention and doting, feel free to elaborate as you see fit!