Young patients

Young patients are welcome at TVVS

Young patients are welcome to receive a no-scalpel vasectomy at Thames Valley Vasectomy Services

We welcome patients of all ages. However, young patients under the age of 25 with children and patients under the age of 30 without children are generally not easily considered when requesting a vasectomy, as many of them may change their minds in the future.

However, TVVS considers patients individually and by merit. For example I have vasectomised a 22 year old with 4 children and a 24 year old without children, previously and have made exeptions where their cases were strong and well supported.

If you belong of one of these young patient groups and consider having a vasectomy you need to click here and complete a form designed for young patients. You need to make a strong case for your request in order to be considered for a vasectomy on an individual basis. The form on the other hand also helps you to reflect on your individual decision and gives you the opportunity to ensure your decision is firm and good and not one you may regret in the future. For futher information on why patients regret vasectomy, click here.