Young patients

Young patients are welcome at TVVS

Young patients are welcome to receive a no-scalpel vasectomy at Thames Valley Vasectomy Services

We welcome adult patients of all ages.  However, overall patients are more likely to regret vasectomy if carried out at a very young age. All patients up to the age of 30 are therefore required to go through a special “Young patient” evaluation pathway. The first step here is to complete a “Young Patient Form”. For more recent thoughts on this issue, please also read this article by Dr Kittel

TVVS considers patients individually and by merit. We have turned down some patients, but accept most patients, particularly where the case is supported by a well written statement in our young patient form.

However, as Dr Kittel has to do an individual assessment of your case we require from patients to make a downpayment for a consultation of £95 prior to the application, which is non-refundable for Dr Kittels clinical time for your assessment, the webinar and consultation. The £95 are counting towards your consultation and vasectomy and overall you will not be charged any more than any other patient. If Dr Kittel cannot do your vasectomy (i.e. for technical reasons) you will be refunded in full, but if you (often very rightly) change your mind before or after Dr Kittel advises you to wait and you follow the advice of Dr Kittel TVVS will keep this professional fee for our work done and the professional time of our expert doctor.

Once payment is made we will email you a specific young patient form once you are set up as a patient in our database. You need to make a strong case for your request in order to be considered for a vasectomy on an individual basis. The form on the other hand also helps you to reflect on your individual decision and gives you the opportunity to ensure your decision is firm and good and not one you may regret in the future. For further information on why patients regret vasectomy, click here.

Following your submission we will set you up on our clinical system and you will get a personal response from Dr Kittel via email, usually within a week. You will also get a Welcome email, an “Application” and “Pre-Consent” form. Please fill these forms out online immediately. They will save into your medical record. You can then book a vasectomy appointment no earlier than 2-4 weeks from the submission of these 2 forms, which is the legal “cooling off” period.