General Vasectomy Enquiry

How to send Di a General Vasectomy Enquiry

Send Di a General Vasectomy Enquiry by filling out the form below.

Di will respond within 2 working days.

This is to inform you of the issues and risks involved when submitting, sending or receiving personal information electronically.  Please be aware, that the TVVS website is totally encrypted for additional safety.

Issues and risks:

  • Information transferred via email is not secure. Webforms, where encrypted, are generally much better and take significant effort to break into. While risks are small you need to be aware of them. TVVS can communicate with you via email if you indemnify it for any unintended diversion of information.
  • Your personal information could be intercepted by other family members or friends who have access to your email account
  • If you are using a work email account, your employer may have access to these emails and they may be stored and backed up on their system
  • Your personal information will be open to access by cyber products that have the ability to intercept emails without authority
  • TVVS cannot be held responsible for the security of your personal information coming into and going out of our network in this case
  • There is no guarantee that the information sent has not been changed before receipt
  • The confidential email(s) sent could be forwarded to other members of the public
  • Your personal information cannot be encrypted or sent in a locked file format
  • You will not be informed of the exact date the information is sent. It is your responsibility to retrieve the information

TVVS assurance:

  • A review of the information requested will be carried out and TVVS reserves the right not to email information if deemed inappropriate or sensitive.
  • A copy of any information sent will be retained in the organisation file (NOT in your medical records unless you specifically request this) and the origin of the information will be verifiable