Personal questions about vasectomy

Personal questions about No-scalpel Vasectomy

Find below a range of questions personal questions about vasectomy I get asked by worried patients.

This part of the page was originally created after I had performed more than 1000 vasectomies and has been updated from time to time. Patients often worry about Vasectomy. This page seeks to discuss and alleviate some of the worries particularly relating to personal questions about vasectomy.

Q: I worry a lot about vasectomy, it has taken me 3 years to come forward and take the step even to look at your website.

A: You are not the only one this has happened to. Many other men have waited that long or even longer. I so often hear after vasectomy: “I cannot believe I was so worried”. I once operated on a man who had waited for 22 years!

Q: I worry quite a lot about the injection. I hate needles and I don’t want you to inject my testicles.

A: Don’t worry, your testicles are safe. Virtually all patients worry about needles! I just put a little bit of local anaesthetic under your scrotal skin and use an extremely small pin like botox needle. Then I put anaesthetic through the numbed skin gently along your tubes.

Q: I worry about pain afterwards.

A: The pain is usually mild and lasts for only a few days. Simple painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen are usually just fine, but the crux in my opinion is to use ice as early as possible (just like a premier footballer uses an ice bath right after a bruising game. Already use ice on the way home and watch my video on the front page.

Q: I find it humiliating being naked in front of a doctor and suffering this operation.

A: We will partly cover you. You keep your top on. Your penis is covered with operation theatre “greens”. We only expose the part of your scrotum we need to work on and a bit of your legs and abdomen. We heat the room well (so your privates dont disappear. This helps both of us!). And dont forget, I had a vasectomy myself and it was carried out by a lady. She herself had given birth to 4 children. So you can be reassured I have been on the other side and I know the other side well.

Q: I may meet you in the car park one day and you will remember me in a less fortunate position.

A: Quite unlikely. You will be lucky if I remember your face (particularly in these times of face masks) and after many thousand vasectomies it would it would be a miracle if I remembered your name.

Q: I worry about bad after-effects

A: Quite unlikely. There are statistical risks, which I will discuss thoroughly during the webinar, but they are small and calculable. There is plenty of further information on this website, also see the further reading page below.

Q: I worry about impotence.

A: Some men think vasectomy will cure already existing impotence, which is wrong, obviously. However, No-Scalpel Vasectomy will in no way make you impotent (unless for psychological reasons). Your testicles produce testosterone. We do not interfere with this process. We only interrupt the tubes that transport the sperm to the semen (see next question).

Q: I worry I won’t ejaculate anymore.

A: Of course you will. You will just be “firing blanks”. Your prostate makes 97% of the ejaculate (the semen = carrier fluid and nutrients for sperm). Testicles only produce sperm. The volume of your ejaculate will therefore reduce by 3%. Hardly noticeable.

Q: I don’t worry about the dentist, but I worry when somebody operates on my testicles.

A: Don’t worry. People, who do well at the dentist rarely fail to do well during a No-Scalpel Vasectomy. After all you can talk to us rather than having to mumble through the hands off a dental assistant, a drill and a suction.

Q: But I hate dentists and I worry more, now

A: A not unsignificant number of people, who dislike the dentist, say after a No-Scalpel Vasectomy they felt it was easier than the dentist.

Q: You always seem to have an answer, is there never a patient you give up with?

A: I rarely dont finish or turn down an anxious patient. However, there were very few occasions I would rather not have been working in. But these stories are not for the internet. And for some patients it is really better not to have a vasectomy. So inform yourself well and read this page “Why not to have a vasectomy”.

Q: Whatever you say, I still worry

A: Why don’t you see me for our webinar and an optional telephone / face to face appointment first? At the webinar you will meet a lot of patients who have made a similar decision, but you will be anonymous and can remain anonymous. We can even agree a pseudonym. Many patients at the webinar however choose to show their faces and their comments and interactions are often very reassuring to anxious or worried patients. “You are not alone!”. Also, if you are

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