How does an online payment work?

Find below information about online payments

If you wish to you can make a card payment for a vasectomy operation or a semen sample Picture of Dr M Kittelonline using a credit or debit card, click here to pay now.

Simple refund policy: If you have made payment in error, please email us straight away within 1 hour to and we will refund you in full. Once payment has been made we will start working on your case, put you onto our clinical system, start sending forms and contact you on several occasions to make an appointment. After all this work has been done we will keep an administration fee of 10% of the vasectomy for any refund request. If after the consultation you decide not to go ahead we will keep a fee of £90 and if you change your mind on the day a fee of £160 for our expenses. If you dont attend and do not let us know we will keep 50% of the fee. Cancellation for Coronavirus reasons is free, but you will need to provide a test result as evidence. We will not ask any questions as we understand the private nature of such a decision.

Efficient Payment Policy

Click here to book a consultation with no obligation to go any further with your vasectomy OR as a down-payment for a consultation and vasectomy in one go. Alternatively, call my secretary on 07973 663355 for a payment over the phone or receive an individual payment link via email.

To be efficient we request the full payment of £480, or the remaining payment of £390 when the appointment, to be made over the phone. We do not process card payments in clinic and do not accept cheques.

After Downpayment

Please wait for us to contact you within 3 working days OR call us on 07973 663355 to book your appointment and send you your Patient Information. We will ask you to complete 2 forms online that will save directly into your patient record.