Price of a No-Scalpel Vasectomy – £595

“Why are you so cheap? Other providers are so much more expensive”

Image of Dr M Kittel, vasectomy surgeon

Patients sometimes tell our staff that we are cheaper than comparable services and they are not sure they can trust TVVS. Our response:

  • Dr Kittel and his team believe to make vasectomy affordable through efficiency.
  • We use technology and LEAN business principles.
  • We do not pay the middleman, corporate hospitals or shareholders. We are a hard working family business.
  • All forms can  be completed at home on your phone. You do not have to attend for form filling or tick-boxing.
  • Instead of a face to face consultation we invite you to a webinar.
  • 95% of patients are happy with what they hear on the webinar. 5% want a telephone or face to face appointment to discuss things further. They do not pay extra.
  • Usually, the only time you see us is for your vasectomy (unless you opt for a face to face consultation after the webinar.
  • Our side effect rates are low. Consequently we do not have to budget a lot of money for aftercare.
  • We have pretty tough non-attendance, last minute change of mind and last minute appointment changes. This means you do not have to cross-fund if someone else does not turn up. Click here for our tough, but fair rules.
  • Please have a look at our feedback on this website and on Google.
And on top of the excellent price – we are now providing our vasectomies from our beautiful new purpose built premises in Bourne End Have a look and enjoy the peaceful and calming environment.

* NHS TVVS patients until discharge only (typically 5-8 months after
procedure). Private patients for up to 3 years after discharge. Re-check
required in 20% of patients, usually no more than 1 and occasionally 2
re-checks. Free re-checks can often be obtained via your GP. Please note
this is a non-profit rate.
** All patients not registered with TVVS: 1) All non-TVVS patients 2)
NHS patients that were discharged from our system due to clearance (5-8
months after clearance) and 3) private patients who have been
vasectomised more than 3 years ago. Please compare the Amazon home test sample here This is not as accurate as our sample and not checked by a trained lab technician and a trained clinician.

  • Complete No-Scalpel Vasectomy Package £595

    Price of a complete No-Scalpel Vasectomy Package. Includes Webinar / consultation. vasectomy procedure and semen sample and includes free repeat procedure in the rare chance of failure as outlined below.

  • Vasectomy Consultation Only £95

    This is an option for patients not 100% sure about having a vasectomy or using TVVS. Should you then decide to go ahead, we will take the cost of the vasectomy consultation off the complete package, so your overall cost will remain £595 if booked within 3 months of the consultation. Please note a face to face consultation with Dr Kittel requires the prior attendance of his highly informative webinar, which takes place every Wednesday at 7pm and answers 99% of all questions.

  • Additional Semen Sample TVVS* £45

    This is an offer only to TVVS patients. It is for an additional semen sample that may occasionally become necessary. It is a non-profit rate and not available to non-TVVS customers.

  • Post Vasectomy Semen Sample for any man interested** £90

    Semen Sample Test for Azoospermia (no sperm). Note, this does not test for fertility - It is available to all patients who were not vasectomised in our clinic**. This test is an accurate laboratory sample which is checked by a doctor. It is cheaper than comparable tests on Amazon

  • Review appointment - private patients £0

    Private patients generally do not pay for up to 2 review appointments - they only pay if they do not attend a review appointment or once discharged from the service (unless there are some later issues related to vasectomy). However, any pro bono work is discretionary and the usual fee for a 1/2 hr appointment is £150.

  • Review appointment NHS or DNA £150

    NHS patients are reviewed by their GP as the NHS does not commission us for reviews, but only for the vasectomy procedure and the semen sampling. Early reviews for early post vasectomy symptoms are free on a discretionary basis. Price is for 1st review. Further reviews are charged at £90 per appointment. Further surgical work will be quoted separately.

Price Guarantee & transparency around cost

Price quoted above is final. There are no hidden charges. As health services are VAT free there is no VAT to pay. 

We offer a full refund minus admin charge of £49 (unless you had a webinar / consultation or bespoke letter form Dr Kittel) if you change your mind up to a week before your vasectomy.

Partial refund for late appointment changes or cancellations less than 1 week before the procedure (see below). 

Read our cancellation policy for more information (cancellation policy also affects late changes of appointments).

Full refund of your entire payment if you paid online in error and email us within 60 minutes of your payment (i.e. we have not started a patient process with you yet, added you to our clinical software, sent you forms, explained the process, took your history etc). Once we have started to work on your case there is an admin charge of £49.

Free repeat vasectomy procedure (in rare case of failure) included in price (private patients never pay TVVS twice)

In the rare event where a vasectomy fails we will repeat the procedure for free for up to 15 months after your initial vasectomy*.

It however does not include any external hospital fees if more tests, investigations or treatments are necessary i.e. an MRI scan or external clinic appointments.

Thus, if a second procedure becomes necessary because your vas heals together again, we will do a repeat vasectomy free of charge within 15 months of the original vasectomy (quite contrary to a private hospital where you would have to pay again). Your payment automatically covers you for this assurance.*

Click here to pay online by card

We accept payments online, over the phone. Cash in clinic can be accepted after prior agreement:

Price - worldpay card information

What you can expect

In exchange for your payment you can expect us to use modern high quality equipment. TVVS follow extensive anti-infection procedures to avoid MRSA or other infections. We guarantee all private patients will only see Dr Kittel.

We ensure premises and stock are checked regularly. Where single us instruments cannot be used we use an approved local NHS CSSD department for the sterilisation of instruments.

Patient self reported audits

Our regular audit shows very low infection rates, very low complications and very low failure rates.

We cannot do your vasectomy – full refund

In some rare cases, where the surgeon feels unable to proceed after you have attended you will get a full refund minus the consultation fee if we can offer an explanation. This also applies if you have come for an assessment. Where we agreed a procedure previously you will get a full refund of all fees paid.

Cancellation or change of appointment <1week before vasectomy by patient

Changes to appointments or cancellation less than a week to 1 day before the procedure incurs a cancellation fee of £295. No refunds for cancellation < 24 hrs before the procedure (sorry, it is like missing your flight!). For further information about non-attendance from your side or last minute changes, please click here to view our cancellation policy.


Finally service at TVVS means, we are there for you. The price includes care not only during, but also after your vasectomy if you need us.

Consultation only

For patients, who want to know Dr Kittel personally, or have additional questions (bespoke questions – letter required?) we provide a webinar followed by an optional consultation only service to discuss all aspects a vasectomy. This service costs £95. If you book a vasectomy we discount £95 from the full price.

Frequent appointment changes

One appointment change is free. Any further appointment change attracts a fee of £25.

For our Minor Surgery service click here

*assurance is valid as long as TVVS is trading and Dr Kittel is well.