Meet our staff

Meet the Staff at Thames Valley Vasectomy Services

Meet our Staff. We have got 7 patient facing permanent staff members.

Surgeon: Dr Kittel

Dr M Kittel is the founder of TVVS and has worked for Thames Valley Vasectomy Services for 20 years. He has performed over 10,000 vasectomies and is very experienced in the No-Scalpel procedure. He has vasectomised many other local doctors and surgeons and is trusted within the profession. He has a number of senior roles, is the senior partner of an NHS GP practice and also works leading a number of clinical areas in the locality.

Surgeon: Dr Lim

Dr Soon Lim

Dr. Soon Lim carries out skin surgery and vasectomies in the community. He is Director of the Minor Surgery for RCGP Thames Valley together with 7 other faculties of the Royal College, and the education lead and President of the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care. He is also  an expert witness  on the issue of GP minor surgery and vasectomy.

Registered Manager and Clinical Lead Nurse

Leanne Kittel is the team leader for our nurse and admin team. She is the heart of Thames Valley Vasectomy Services and with her huge experience runs the service slick and efficient. She is also responsible for premises, CQC accreditation, policies and procedures.

Clinical Patient Coordinator: Charlie

Rebecca runs the office on a daily basis. She supports the doctors and helps booking your procedure and your consultation as well as making appointments and sending out all the required paperwork. She is also experienced in Aftercare Support and is a good first contact point for any vasectomy related question, before and after the procedure.

Nursing Team: Carolyn

Image of Carolyn from the TVVS nursing team

Carolyn has been an experienced local practice nursing sister for many years. She an excellent sister to have in a theatre due to her very wide experience in patient care. However, she is also calming and extremely reassuring, which is consistently remarked upon within our patient satisfaction data. Her specialist area is patients with autism


Nursing Team: Nicki

Image of Nicki, a nurse at TVVS

Nikki is an experienced midwife and recently joined our team to start General Nursing after some time off with her children. She has a great sense of humour and surely will put any anxious vasectomy patient at ease.

Nursing Team: Jane

Image of Jane, a nurse at TVVS

Jane has over 20 years of nursing experience. She has been a local District nursing sister for many years, but has knowledge in trauma and surgical nursing which gives her the skills to deliver a high standard of individualised care. She has a great sense of humour and really can make your vasectomy a happy experience..

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