What Is Different About No Scalpel Vasectomy at TVVS?

Thames Valley Vasectomy Services provides high quality no scalpel vasectomyPrivacy and confidentiality combined with Professionalism and a caring attitude…

Dr Martin Kittel is fully trained and certified. He is also fully registered (check his GMC Registration by clicking here). He has personally carried out over 5000+ vasectomies and only work with him as a surgeon for all out patients booking through this site. Our service gives you the time for an excellent experience. Rather than larger multinational companies having to hire in staff often at the last minute we work as small outlet with a very experienced staff and have never tried to grow our service beyond what is possible with our current staff numbers.

We will try hard to make your vasectomy a happy and non-traumatic experience. TVVS performs your No Scalpel Vasectomy within premises also used for NHS Services. We also have a local NHS contract.

Short waiting list & choice of appointment

Rather than letting you wait longer, we work harder. We have extremely short waiting times and want to keep it this way. We will perform most vasectomies on a Friday afternoon. Thus you are ready to go back to work on Monday morning**. We will let you choose between the appointments available, wherever possible. If we have a particular backlog we will also set evening clinics.


Our service wants to be transparent. We do not want to vasectomise patients who would regret their decision. This is why we do publish all patient feedback, positive or negative. We also speak openly about pros and cons of vasectomy, try to support your decision by:

  1. explaining NSV
  2. answering your clinical and personal FAQ’s
  3. telling you about our clinic as well as
  4. trying to tell you why not to have a vasectomy
  5. pointing out alternatives to vasectomy and
  6. giving you clear statistics on the pros and cons of other contraceptives including LARCs.

Information, communication & audit 

Providing a professional service to us means to provide you with extensive information regarding your no-scalpel vasectomy. This we do not only via this website, but also by sending you information in advance. This lets you study the “ins and outs” of the procedure and the consent form in detail.

We spend enough time with you to answer all your questions during the initial webinar and your vasectomy. We audit our performance on a regular basis.

Feel free to call the vasectomy support staff for your vasectomy pack. Thus, you can compare us with other services and make a decision without feeling hassled or under pressure.

Vasectomy Pain

The large majority of TVVS patients experience little or no pain during the procedure. Remember, we freeze the area with local anaesthetic, so no pain can be felt. The freezing process is much less tender than most patients think. Some patients fall asleep or read the paper! Most patients go home and cannot believe it was so easy.

Local Anaesthetic

With the short acting local anaesthetic you are in principle able to drive 2 hours after the procedure again. However, we recommend to be driven after vasectomy whenever possible.

Travel home right after the procedure

There is no need for a prolonged observation period after your vasectomy. You will be provided with thorough aftercare instructions. You will also be given contact information to talk to us if you wish to. We recommend you are driven by another person as local anaesthetic can invalidate your insurance (see above).

Initial consultation…

We now do a webinar prior to the procedure. There is no longer a need to see us beforehand unless due to a medical or surgical condition we need to examine.

However, we understand if you come from far away and want your vasectomy on your first visit. We will then organise a “One-Stop-Shop” clinic for you.

* Sokal et. al. 1999
** assuming an office based job.