TVVS process | At the vasectomy clinic | How TVVS works

Information about our vasectomy clinic setup, the TVVS process and timings.

Outlined below is information on the process of a vasectomy at TVVS.

  • Image of Dr M Kittel, No-scalpel vasectomy surgeon

    Dr Kittel, Lead Surgeon

    Arrival: Please note, the car park ticket machines only accept coins. The car park has not been controlled for years, but this can of course change. Please text 07973 663311 when you arrive at the clinic. You will be sent a text (usually auto responder to be quicker) by our clinicphone on what to do next. This text usually asks you to proceed into outpatients. It may tell you to go to Waiting Area B. This is in the back of outpatients (just follow the corridor straight down). A senior staff member will come to greet and guide you to our treatment rooms.

  • Preparation: We will then proceed to a changing room where we explain the further process.
  • The procedure: We will then proceed to our open ended No-Scalpel vasectomy, which typically takes 10-25 minutes including local anaesthetic
  • After the procedure: Following the procedure we will initially let you watch an aftercare video and then answer all the questions you may still have. We will give you thorough printed information regarding the do’s and don’ts and explain how and when to supply your semen sample(s). With your semen sample kit you will also receive aftercare information in print.
  • How long does the driver wait? The whole procedure usually can take between 20 and 60 minutes, but I would typically recommend to plan for 45 minutes. Occasionally we have to keep a patient for longer, but it is uncommon.