Why Not To Have A Vasectomy

Reasons against a vasectomy

You have decided it may be the time to have a vasectomy and you have come to this website to book a vasectomy. In the next few minutes I will try to change your mind and tell you not to have a vasectomy:

The 3 most important question you need to discuss with your partner are these:

  1. What happens if our relationship splits and somebody else wants children with you (common in western societies)
  2. You or your partner change your mind (occasionally happens to existing couples)
  3. something happens to one of your children (rare, but important for younger couples).

If you do not have a current partner you need to be aware, that failure to warn a partner of your vasectomy would almost certainly mean your partner would be granted a divorce with all the implications.

after vasectomy sperm will not reach the egg

When thinking about this procedure also consider the following:

  1. Have I really sat down with my partner and considered all alternatives? Click here for some of the very good alternative methods. Sometimes it is just worth to wait a little bit longer before going ahead. Some of the longer acting contraceptive methods i.e. the coil or an implant can postpone such a decision safely for some time.
  2. Am I now of an age where I don’t want any children anymore, whatever happens?
  3. Have I got enough children or are there still some secret wishes in me or my partner?
  4. If my life changed and reversal was not successful would adoption be an alternative I can consider?
  5. Am I of an age where I should consider freezing sperm?
  6. Am I so worried about vasectomy, it’s not really an option? There are good female alternatives available now. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t really want to do it. If you have read the clinical and the personal FAQs of this website and you are still not reassured you may wish to reconsider the above.

And why should I be the one to have a vasectomy?

If safety is paramount, vasectomy is perfect (but if non-permanent contraception is needed the female Implant may be similarly good and other long acting methods are also interesting). A man, who has had children or definitely never wanted any and is of an age, where (further) children would be a real burden is an ideal candidate for vasectomy. If you want to be in control of your destiny and it is clear to you there shall definitely be no more children with anybody. If you like your wife to be able to stop using hormonal contraception and the above applies, too, then vasectomy is also an excellent choice.

The choice is yours…