Appointment Cancellation and Re-scheduling Policy Vasectomy

Appointment Cancellation and Re-scheduling Policy for Vasectomy


The fee of £595 for a vasectomy procedure at Thames Valley Vasectomy Services is charged for the administration services, consultation / webinar, appointment time, procedure, and one semen sample kit and processing services including results processing as stated, not the procedure alone.

If TVVS is running late

The clinic running late due to late arrival of patients or complex surgical cases cannot always be avoided but over 90% of the time we are running on time. We apologise if this happens, but there is no monetary refund for your time. If we run extremely late (>45mins) you can cancel free of charge. Please let the nurse or receptionist know.

If you are running late

To keep fees competitive we run efficient surgical time slots. Running late has an effect on other patients (domino effect: You run late, the whole clinic runs late for many patients after you). We are often unable to carry out your procedure if you arrive more than 15 minutes late. This is then classed as “no show”. We will carry out the procedure if another patient arrives early and can fit in, in this case you may wait for some time even if your are only a few minutes late. We encourage you to take the stress out of your procedure and plan for arrival at least 30 minutes before. Please be aware traffic around this area can be extremely heavy.

If we cannot go ahead with surgery

If we cannot go ahead with your surgery (for medical or surgical reasons), we will refund you in full all cost for your surgery. In some instances, particularly where you already had been for a consultation and promised surgery, we will also refund you your consultation unless there is significant work involved i.e. letters etc in which case we will keep the consultation fee.

Appointment Confirmation & Payment of Deposit

Patients confirm and secure their appointment time by making a deposit payment of at least 30% of the procedure cost and at least £195. Alternatively we recommend you pay in full. This saves you time in getting any further calls and reminders about payment. It also avoids any cancellation of your appointment and forfeiting of your down payment due to your forgetting to pay the remainder.

Timing of Downpayment

We reserve your appointment for 24 hrs. If payment is not received within 24hrs your appointment is re-released to other patients.

Remaining payment

The remaining payment is then due 1 week prior to your procedure. If this payment is not made we may cancel your appointment and retain the administration charge of £49 or the downpayment of £295 depending on timing. Anyone booking less than 1 week prior to the procedure will be asked to pay in full.

Flexibility in terms of your time

To keep our cost low and due to the nature of a surgical list and the individual medical needs of patients, your appointment times sometimes needs to be changed (sometimes last minute) to an earlier or later time the same day. Please keep +/- 2 hours from the appointment time free.

Cancellation / Re-booking charges and procedures

  • Cancellation / re-booking more than one week prior to procedure: Administration fee of £49. One appointment change, 1 or more weeks before the procedure, is free.
  • £95 Cancellation charge if cancellation of procedure after Webinar / Consultation.
  • £295 for cancellations or re-booking between 1 days and 7 days before the procedure
  • 100% charge for cancellations or re-bookings less than 1 day before the procedure and no-shows or late shows (we will not be able to fill your slot).
  • Compulsory face to face appointment with surgeon for anyone cancelling or postponing more than once to assess a patients risk profile (everyone will re-assure us they are low risk, but this is not true).

Explanation of strict cancellation and re-booking policy as outlined above

Patient issue: Patients who default repeatedly, cancel late or postpone appointments more than once are at high risk of regret, side effects, unwanted effects and should probably not have a vasectomy. Almost all patients “determined” to have a vasectomy will not cancel whatever happens, but patients not suitable for vasectomy with high anxiety levels often find whatever excuse not to turn up or to cancel or postpone.

Service issue: Additionally, there is significant work involved in organising a surgical theatre day. Surgeons and staff have to be booked, kits have to be prepared, bottles labelled, anaesthetic purchased, tools sterilised. Surgeons and staff will sit around when you cancel late or do not turn up. We can only keep prices low if we do not charge all patients more, because a few default. So, if you are determined to attend, ensure you will arrive in time and you agree with the cancellation policy, book with us.