Private Patient Pack Download Page

Just a few points before your vasectomy:

  • Please download our Private Patient Pack (PPP), read it carefully and bring it to your appointment
  • Don’t forget you need to shave for your appointment (PPP page 2).
  • Complete the consent form (PPP page 4)
  • Complete your medical history (PPP page 3)
  • Confirm your appointment / cancellation (PPP page 7)

Read up about (PPP page 6):

  • What painkillers will reduce your pain when taken 2 hours before the procedure
  • How to organise yourself, be well prepared.
  • What clothes to wear (supportive underpants etc)
  • How to shave
  • What to have at home

Reading and completing the patient pack will bring you a lot closer to a successful vasectomy and allow you to get more familiar with the procedure.