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Complete feedback review document to download and peruse

TVVS would like to thank all our patients, who take great time and effort to contribute to our feedback audits. All feedback is regularly reviewed and responded to at our clinical governance meetings. Below snippets of what made us grateful as a team, who try very hard to get it right for every patient*

Great nurses

  • Carolyn was an absolute superstar. Completely set my mind at rest and let me waffle her to her throughout. I was a lot more nervous than I expected but Carolyn was a godsend
  • I cannot thank Nikki and Dr. Kittel enough. The experience was surprisingly pleasant, given the circumstances ,Nikki and Dr. Kittel couldn’t have been more pleasant, I was at ease from the moment I walked through the door, right up until I left
  • Both the doctor and nurse were fantastic!! Sr Jane was very caring and went to great lengths to both interact and distract me. Dr Lim was quiet and to the point, which I really appreciated as it really gave me a sense of his calm professionalism
  • I found Sr Leanne and Dr Kittel extremely thoughtful, competent and professional. They did a fantastic job of making sure that I avoided becoming anxious and made the experience as pleasant as it could be.


  • The zoom meeting was helpful and Rebecca in particular was helpful as I had a number of questions. Big thank you to Dr Lim and Dr Kittel for agreeing to liaise with my cardiology team also.

Warm and welcoming

  • Everyone I spoke to was very warm and welcoming which instantly calmed some of the nerves I was feeling. All the information and the webinar were very informative.

Quick procedure – quick recovery

  • Everything from the booking of the procedure to the webinar and then the vasectomy itself were very well organised and went through without any issues. The vasectomy was done in just over 10 minutes and I was back home on the sofa in no time. Recovery was also a lot quicker than I’d expect, waking up the following morning with no pain or swelling whatsoever!

Zero pain

  • I was pleasantly surprised about how quick and painless the whole operation was. Furthermore, not sure if I’m an anomaly, but I had zero pain after the procedure too.
  • Excellent – video was great. Nurse professional.  Zero pain or discomfort since – taken it easy but can’t say it’s affected my life one bit so far (5 days in).

Fantastic people

  • Both the Surgeon & Nurse put me at ease, a wonderful combination of being very kind & very professional, in a situation which could have been very awkward but wasn’t, due completely because of their demeanour & attitude. Fantastic people working hard in current difficult COVID situation, trying to practice “normal” medicine, upmost respect & often not praised for continuing to carry on, well done guys & thank you.

Extremely easy – “Vas Deference” 😉

  • Extremely easy process from start to finish. I think including the booking, consultation, operation and recovery the whole process was no more than 2 hours, yet the information needed pre and post operation is comprehensive. Impressive. It makes a ‘Vas Deferens’ to the enjoyment of the process (that’s a medical joke 😉 )

Like clockwork

  • Procedure was like clockwork. Felt like this was something Dr Kittel and nurse could do blindfolded with hands behind their backs.

Complete Feedback Document to download and peruse

*We publish (almost) all feedback, good and bad (as you will see when reading the whole document), unless it is abusive or otherwise not appropriate. This year we removed comments from 1 patient only.

Download Vasectomy Reviews of patients seen in 2020

Top Reviews

Care and Skill

“By far the best treatment I ever had…”

“The whole process from start to finish could not be any better, by far the best treatment I have ever had. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people involved for their kind and professional care.”

“So impressed…”

“Thank you for providing such a high quality service during such a difficult time. I have been so impressed that one of our friends will be using your service due to my experience. All the best.”

“Extremely easy…”

“Extremely easy process from start to finish. I think including the booking, consultation, operation and recovery the whole process was no more than 2 hours, yet the information needed pre and post operation is comprehensive. Impressive. It makes a ‘Vas Deferens’ to the enjoyment of the process (that’s a medical joke 😉 )”

“So positive…”

“I couldn’t have imagined the whole process would be so positive. It was brilliant, superb – thank you.”

“Incredibly professional but extremely friendly”

“I must say that right from the 1st telephone conversation I had until I walked out the door after the operation I have felt I was dealt with in such an incredibly professional but extremely friendly manner. For a fairly scary situation for a man to be in I was put at complete ease by everyone involved. DR Lim was very good and explained everything to me before the procedure. Carolyn was amazing, she kept me talking through the whole procedure as a complete distraction. The after care was great. Thank you to everyone that helped me through my procedure.”

“Comfortable from the beginning to the end”

“The speed and professionalism was very impressive particularily given the coronavirus outbreak. Obviously your methods are streamlined enough to cope with arguably the worst case scenario. As nervous as I was going into the life changing procedure, I was made to feel comfortable from beginning to end.”

“Fear of needles […] could barely feel the needle…”

“Despite my fear of needles, Dr Kittel and the nurse (I apologise that I cannot remember her name) were calm and reassuring throughout. I needn’t have worried because I could barely feel the needle, nor did I experience any pain at all during the procedure […]

The new zoom webinar (COVID)

Expect it to continue beyond the pandemic

“The whole process has been very well thought through and adapted to Covid contraints. Some parts of it, like the webinar, are a best practice saving time and money for everyone, I’d expect it to continue beyond the pandemic.

“Excellent content via documents and zoom conference call”

Sharing questions […] covered many points

“The zoom meeting I found to be very positive seeing such a broad spectrum of men also having the procedure and the sharing of questions meant we covered many points we might not otherwise.”

“Very efficient, but also thorough with all the information provided in a very clear way (written plus verbally in the webinar).”

Explaining clearly what to expect…

“I thought the webinar was particularly helpful, answering lots of questions and explaining clearly what to expect.”

…Very reassuring….

“The communications i’ve had from you have been very thorough and reassuring from my first call from you. If the webinar consultation is a new process due to C-19 i think you should continue with it. It was very helpful and reassuring to see other people on the call and hear their concerns and questions too.”

Benefit from questions asked by others…

“All very good and thorough. I liked the webinar, as it was great to meet with others going through the same procedure and benefit from questions asked by others too.”

Boosts your confidence…

“The webinar was very encouraging and it boosts your confidence when you see fellow men doing same procedure”


“The speed and professionalism was very impressive particularily given the coronavirus outbreak. Obviously your methods are streamlined enough to cope with arguably the worst case scenario. As nervous as I was going into the life changing procedure, I was made to feel comfortable from beginning to end.”

“Highly efficient despite covid”

“I thought your team coped very well during the initial shutdown of the pandemic. They offered plenty of options and I thought kept a good balance of keeping in contact but not to the point of harrassing. Very impressed”

Aftercare and the new Video

“Very caring and thoughtful without over doing it. The video aftercare summary was a nice addition. If anything COVID has streamlined the process without loosing a sense of professionalism and care.”

“Again the treatment was second to none. I was allowed time to go through the video and given ever chance to ask questions”

Great youtube video […] show it to my wife as well

“Very clear. Great YouTube video. Really useful to have so that I could show it to my wife as well. Better than if it had just been communicated directly to me and potentially forgotten.”

Very detailed and helpful

“The aftercare video was very detailed and helpful and also good that it was a recorded video so I could watch it twice. I think if all the detail had been covered in person I would have forgotten some of it.”

Very clear and helpful

“The video was very clear and helpful. There was no rush at the end. Biscuits and water were much appreciated!”

Video extremely useful as reference point…

“Aftercare instructions were clear. The video is extremely useful as a reference point for not just me but my partner as well. I also find the chart in the patient pack a highly useful reference tool to quickly check what is permitted.”

!Having the received the video link on my on device, I was reassured to know that I could watch it again at home for a refresh.”

“Great aftercare  simple to understand and follow”

“Leanne did brilliantly in the video because presenting is a tough task. She kept her manner engaging and because of the large amount of information it was excellent that she returned at the end of the video to the immediate 48 hour post op regime….so I left the clinic with the most relevant information in the front of my mind.”

Download Vasectomy Reviewss of patients seen in 2020

Top No-Scalpel Vasectomy Review  2019

“I have literally just arrived home after my procedure and wanted to say a massive thank you to Martin and his team. I had my first vasectomy in 2004, then a reversal 6 years later, so I’m confidently able to both comment and compare. My memories of the 2004 are an awkward environment, lots of pain, a long procedure and lots of swelling. However, today’s procedure was worlds apart. All the staff from day one have been polite, professional and friendly. Today I was put at ease and everything explained to me again.

To be honest during the procedure we all just chatted about random subjects and I barley even noticed Martin expertly working away. Before I knew it, the job was done and after getting a little info pack to take away with me I was on my way home. So, guys, if you need a vasectomy you really can’t do better than Martin and his team, ignore the historic horror stories you may have heard, this is state of the art and pain free a definite 5-star service.”

Further Vasectomy Feedback:

The No-Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure Experience:

“Although having absolutely no worries about actually having the procedure I must admit I was not looking forward to it and was concerned as to how painful it would be (I was not looking forward to the I initial local injection). However I needn’t have had any of these fears, Dr Kittel said I would feel just a scratch when injecting, yeah right, I thought, but that was actually how it was! I did not feel a thing during procedure and was made to feel totally comfortable by both Dr Kittel and Carolyn.”

“I know that you say you would like to hear areas for improvement, but I must say the manner and care of the doctor and his staff really was fantastic. It was a very stressful thing for me, I was clearly very worried, and the team did everything possible to make it stress free.”

“Dr Martin Kittel is absolute PRO and like he said ”keeping the things simple” is the key! If you have any negative feelings about what is going to happen then just STOP … I can bet Big money You will be absolutely fine ;)”

“Dr Lim gave me some stellar Netflix recommendations”

About the Booking Experience

“Very simple ‘no drama’ process”

“The experience was easy to follow and all the people I have met or spoken to have been very helpful and professional without being too clinical”

“I wish all NHS visits were as easy and caring as this.” (note we treat NHS and private patients)

“The booking was exceptionally straight forward and easy and was very accommodating to my random shift pattern. Staff were happy to hold a slot open while I checked work would allow me to attend.”

“The booking process was clear, with a good level of information and approachable style with opportunity to ask questions which is important on such a sensitive procedure.”

“Due to my absolute phobias of hospitals and any surgery I found this experience very relaxing and the team were very helpful.”

The Aftercare Experience

“All very clear. Time taken to explain what was needed.  No rushing.  Tea and biscuits an added  bonus!  Thank you :)”

TVVS as a whole

“In my view, a lot of customer service teams in any industry could learn a lot from all the team at TVVS. Absolutely first rate in all respects.

“If I knew how Trip Advisor worked I’d give you 5 stars.”

“I haven’t got the words to describe this high enough. A procedure that causes worry and concern has been easy from the outset. Staff, Marianne, Jane and Dr Lim, have gone above and beyond, the service and care has been beyond fantastic and the whole thing has been a real ‘pleasure’. I was lucky to get this on the NHS but with the immensely high service I have received I would have been happy to pay. Thank you all so so much, you are a credit to the service.”