Vasectomy Procedure – how to prepare

Preparation reminder for your No-Scalpel Vasectomy

  • You must by now have had a video webinar / telephone consultation. If not, contact us straight away.
  • Are you aware you should have a shower and wash the area your genitals and groins thoroughly with soap, shower gel or what you usually use prior to the procedure? This reduces infections significantly.
  • Have you printed / downloaded and read your Welcome Pack (Private Welcome Pack – NHS Welcome Pack). In your Welcome Pack have you read the page “Before your vasectomy” and looked through the “dotted list”?
  • Have you shaved as outlined in your pictorial guide on the last 2 pages of your Welcome pack? Essentially the whole front of your scrotum and bottom half of the penis need shaving as well as the pubic hair shortened with scissors or electric hair cutters. Ideally this should happen 2 or more days before. Hair removal creams can also be useful, but can cause sensitivity reactions in patients with sensitive skin, so better try on a small area a week before or so.
  • Is your driver organised? Try not to drive yourself after a surgical procedure as your car cover may potentially be invalidated unless advised otherwise. If you have to drive, use an automatic. Wait 2 hrs after the procedure to drive. Refer to your welcome pack.
  • Is everything prepared at home, so you have the best possible experience? Ice packs, pain killers, time to rest?
  • Have you got an ice bag, painkillers for the car and if coming from far away, some food and drink for your car?
  • And here are the directions once more:
  • You can bring a partner.
  • Dont leave driving late. Arrive with plenty of time to spare. Our tip is to plan that traffic will be bad around this area and be nicely
    surprised if it isn’t.
  • Private patients only: Leaving home late and arriving late for the appointment may mean significant cancellation charges as outlined here
  • Our appointments are scheduled like flights. One after the other, once they are gone they are gone, just like a plane. If we are sitting around waiting for you the whole team is sitting around doing nothing. This creates a Domino effect.
  • NHS only: Non- or late-arriving NHS patients are wasting our time and significant resources. NHS patients will be referred back to their GP immediately. Upon re-referral they will be interviewed about the sincerity of their intent in a face to face consultation according to our contract with the CCG. They will also be appended right at the very end of the long waiting list, whatever the reason!.