Coronavirus Safety Specific Feedback

Find below Quotes From patients about our Coronavirus Safety Procedures

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Comments on Coronavirus safety procedures:

Mr KD on Nov 10th 2020

I am amazed how simple it all was. The hardest part was to get through to my GP !
Very fluid communication all the way through and all the forms are web based so no faff around printing and signing documents.
5 stars 🙂

MF on Oct 29th 2020

I really cannot think how things could have been quicker, clearer, smoother or better organised. I feel delighted and relieved.

Communication was prompt and expressed with real clarity and I have yet to experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

Thank you so much – what an excellent team.

CG on Oct 13th 2020

The webinar was a great format for the preopp sessions and listening to others questions helped break the ice!

KCT on Sept 25th

All done according to government advice.

Mr JP on July 22nd 2020

“Due to coronavirus the appointment was
delayed for 3 months. But when activities resumed you contacted me and
booked another appointment quickly.
The whole experience was great.”

Mr RH on July 10th 2020

“Excellent. Very caring and thoughtful
without over doing it. The video aftercare summary was a nice edition.
If anything COVID has streamlined the process without loosing a sense of
professionalism and care.”

Mr JP on July 8th 2020

The communications i’ve had from you
have been very thorough and reassuring from my first call from you. If
the webinar consultation is a new process due to C-19 i think you should
continue with it. It was very helpful and reassuring to see other
people on the call and hear their concerns and questions too.

Mr MS on July 7th 2020

“I thought your team coped very well
during the initial shutdown of the pandemic. They offered plenty of
options and I thought kept a good balance of keeping in contact but not
to the point of harrassing. Very impressed […]
The speed and professionalism was very
impressive particularily given the coronavirus outbreak. Obviously your
methods are streamlined enough to cope with arguably the worst case
As nervous as I was going into the life changing procedure, I was made to feel comfortable from beginning to end […]
Thank you for providing such a high quality service during such a difficult time. I have been so impressed that one of our friends will be using your service due to my experience.”

Mr NL on July 6th 2020

“No problems really. However, the
webinar is a lot of information to take in. Presumably I was told that I
needed to text when I arrived. However, I missed this information and I
couldn’t see anywhere in information pack that I was sent that I should
text on arrival. I was therefore calling without response.
Fortunately, this only resulted in a delay of a couple of minutes or so. “[Dr Kittel: Thank you for the suggestion, we have since worked this into our presentation and information pack]

Mr GD on June 29th 2020:

“Very efficient, friendly and professional.
Thought it was excellent that I could easily communicate by phone, text
and email, a great improvement over impersonal letters and switchboards.
Couldn’t have been better.
Having the received the video link on my on device, I was reassured to know that I could watch it again at home for a refresh.”

Patient R on June 19th 2020

“The webinar was very encouraging and it boosts your confidence when you see fellow men doing same procedure”

Mr IJ on June 15th 2020

“A seamless process … more than accommodating given the need reschedule as result of lockdown.”

Mr TT on the aftercare video on June 15th 2020

“Instructions were first class.. to the point and very easy to follow…”

Mr CW on the webinar and electronic booking procedures on June 11th:

“Highly efficient despite covid.”