Very Professional Throughout – No fuss

“Very professional throughout, excellent service.”

Patient SW comment on a vasectomy with Dr Kittel on 6/12/2019. For other feedback posts please click on the Feedback category

How easy was it to book an appointment with our office? 5 – Very Easy
How thorough were the ladies in our office in booking your appointment, communicating and explaining questions you may have had 5 – Very Good
Waiting times to first possible appointment (you may have chosen a later one for convenience. < means less than, > means more than, w = weeks < 6 w
Were you offered the option of having consultation and vasectomy carried out on the same day vs. separate appointments for both. 1 – Yes
If you have a disability, was this dealt with professionally and according to your needs? 0 – I do not have a disability
Please write below anything you would like to say about your booking experience
Very professional throughout, excellent service.
Who did your consultation? This usually includes a PowerPoint presentation Sr Carolyn
Was the consultation thorough and did you understand the content of the presentation? 5 – Very Good
Did we ensure there were no questions outstanding after your consultation prior to signing the consent form? 5 – Very Good
Did we listen to your concerns and if applicable try to alleviate your fears? 5 – Very Good
Was the environment friendly and warm and the experience positive for you as a patient 5 – Very positive
During the operation, were Dr Kittel / Dr Lim and the nurse caring, involve you and explained things as they were happening? 5 – Very good
Please write below anything you would like to mention or say about your experience DURING the procedure
Excellent service throughout – no fuss and almost no pain through the entire procedure.-
Were the aftercare instructions well explained? 5 – Very Good
Please write below anything you would like to mention or say about your checkout / aftercare instructions by your nurse
Was vasectomy easy and straightforward 5 – Very Easy
Considering other Health Experiences you have had in the past, how do you rate our service overall? 5 – Very Good
Would you recommend our service to a friend 1 – Yes